1. proud to announce our latest work - HUGH LEE Trippin’ - Official Music Video by On The Real Film in Chicago. 


  2. discovergoodmusic123:

    Hugh Lee : The Living Loop Performing Arts Festival from On The Real Film on Vimeo.

    On July 11th Hugh Lee gave a stellar performance with backup from Greg Rapp on drums and live painting by Joe Miller in downtown Chicago’s Pritzker Park for The Living Loop Performing Arts…

    thanks for posting, DGM! i’ve been enjoying filming these performances, with more to come - The Living Loop w/ video by On The Real Film


  3. don’t change your stripes.


  4. the last little bit.


  5. strewn.


  6. bombed.


  7. stars, they’re just like us.


  8. 101.


  9. small worlds.


  10. listen.